Florida legislature’s failure to keep write-ins from closing primaries backfires | Opinion

In 2016, James Christian Bailey, a student support specialist at St. Petersburg College, didn’t have to pay a filing fee to run as a write-in candidate in Florida House District 54. His name didn’t appear on ballots in Indian River and part of St. Lucie counties. His candidacy, though, turned a primary open to all voters… Read more »

‘All Voters Vote’ Group Backing Amendment that Would Replace State’s Closed Primary with ‘Jungle Primary’

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Amendment Radically Reshaping Florida Primaries Gets Spot on Ballot Pending Judicial Approval

A petition-driven constitutional amendment that would radically reshape Florida’s primaries by opening them to all voters regardless of their party affiliation has earned a place on the November 2020 ballot. The All Voters Vote campaign has achieved the number of verified signatures to get on the ballot’s number three spot, according to the Secretary of State’s website. It… Read more »

Democracy in Florida needs a reset. Let all voters vote in primary elections. | Editorial

A short-handed state Supreme Court, with two of seven justices gone to the federal bench, heard arguments this week on whether voters can loosen the shackles of partisanship and create open primary elections. All Voters Vote is pushing a 2020 ballot initiative to tear down a century-old closed primary system and replace it with one that looks… Read more »

Editorial: Should all voters vote? Absolutely.

If, in Florida’s Legislature, you find Democrats and Republicans marching in lockstep, be afraid — be very afraid. The two parties who could not agree on armoring our schools following the Parkland shootings, have now joined forces to fight a proposed amendment to Florida’s Constitution. Remember first, the constitutional amendment process was put into place… Read more »