Say “YES!” to Amendments 2 and 3 on Florida’s November ballot | Editorial

“Power to the people” has never been put to better use than in two of the constitutional amendments on Florida’s November ballot. They deserve “Yes” from every voter. Amendment 2 raises Florida’s minimum wage, presently $8.56 per hour, to $10 next September and by a dollar more each year until reaching $15 in 2026. From… Read more »

Open primaries will benefit minority voters | Opinion

This November, Florida voters have the chance to expand the voting rights of all registered voters by supporting “All Voters Vote” — Amendment 3. As a Black woman and a physician who grew up in the social isolation of poverty in the Black community of South Philadelphia, I support Joe Biden’s decision to choose Kamala… Read more »

We’re ready and eager to vote, but we can’t because we’re NPAs | Opinion

We both pre-registered to vote recently. Our party? No party. We pre-registered as NPAs — no party affiliation — following in the footsteps of 3.7 million of other Floridians. As NPAs, we won’t be tied to any party. In short, we are not satisfied with either the Democratic and Republican parties and how they run… Read more »

All Voters Vote, the amendment that united the parties when no issue could

In recent years, few issues have managed to unite Florida’s political parties. Not guns or budgets. Not even a pandemic. This year, however, both parties have united to shoot down an amendment that would fundamentally change the political landscape in Florida. In their crosshairs is Amendment Three. The amendment would allow registered voters in 2024,… Read more »

Want to vote in hot race to replace Aramis Ayala? Too bad. Closed primaries mean most of your can’t. | Commentary

State Attorney Aramis Ayala has been one of the most-watched, most criticized and most audacious politicians in Florida. Because of her opposition to the death penalty, she has been both hailed and scorned, and she ultimately decided to leave office after one term. Now, to replace her, we’re about to witness one of the most… Read more »