Independent Voters Will Soon Outnumber Republicans in California

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on Monday released the first of three voter registration reports ahead of the June 7 primary election. The report shows that not only does the number of registered No Party Preference voters continue to grow, but the title of second largest voting bloc in California will not belong to the… Read more »

13 States Consider Expanding Use of Ranked Choice Voting in 2016

With a new year comes a new legislative session in state houses around the U.S. 2016 has seen state legislators nationwide use this opportunity to empower voters by introducing bills that create new uses of ranked choice voting (RCV) at the state and local levels. Just one month into this year’s session, at least 27… Read more »

Gary Johnson Says N.H. Results ‘Leave a Majority Without a Choice’

The Tumblr blog, Gary Johnson News, posted Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson‘s response to the New Hampshire primary results Tuesday night. Johnson’s statement is as follows: “New Hampshire’s results proved once again that the so-called major party nominating process produces candidates who are on the edges of the political and policy spectrum, leaving the majority… Read more »

Why independent voters don’t decide elections

Conventional wisdom in Florida politics says the candidate who wins independent voters will win the election. Supposedly, independent and no-party-affiliated voters are swing voters who are centrist and carry no preference toward either party. They identify as independent because they find both parties too extreme, or they swing from one political party to the other… Read more »

Major Party Identification Lingers Near Historic Lows

Gallup released the results of a new survey Monday which shows that the number of self-identifying Republicans and Democrats is stuck near historic lows. According to the results, over 4 in 10 Americans continue to self-identify as independent of the Republican and Democratic parties, leaving Democrats at 29 percent and Republicans at 26 percent of the voting… Read more »