FL independent voters on the rise, pushing to overhaul a century-old primary election system. But what will the FL Supreme Court say?

In a rare display of unity, Republicans and Democrats will be in a courtroom today arguing against a proposed state constitutional amendment that would change the way Florida elects governors, state Cabinet members and state lawmakers. Lawyers for the two parties will appear before the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday in joint opposition to an… Read more »

Open primaries amendment has enough signatures for 2020 ballot

A proposed constitutional amendment that would allow voters to cast a ballot in primary elections regardless of party affiliation has enough signatures to make the 2020 ballot. The initiative, backed by political committee All Voters Vote, had 767,236 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the Florida Division of Elections website. Constitutional amendments need 766,200 signatures… Read more »

It’s time to let all voters vote in Florida

I recently joined the 30 percent of Florida voters who declare themselves independents. I did it for the same reasons as most ex-partisan voters: I had reached my limit. I was sick and tired of inter-party political hypocrisy and deceptive leadership. Unlike many independents, though, I witnessed the partisan rot from the inside. For over… Read more »

Jeffrey Solomon: Why I’ve left the Florida Democratic Party

When I turned 18, I joined the Florida Democratic Party. Like so many of my contemporaries, it was custom to join your parents’ party. My father was a career union member — that was our team. I embraced a platform of equality, inclusiveness, and fair and level playing fields where everyone deserved a shot at… Read more »

Joe Henderson: Despite Opposition, Open Primary Concept has Some Good Points

A commentary Sunday in Florida Politics by Jeffrey Solomon was critical of the Democratic Party for its opposition to open primaries. He said it disenfranchises independent voters (true) and keeps the party from widening its base (debatable). He said that’s why he left the party and became an independent. The issue is not going away. There is a… Read more »