OUR VIEW: Amendment 3, by including all voters, could help Florida find political balance

Floridians who question the wisdom of Amendment 3 on our November ballot, dubbed by its backers the “All Voters Vote” initiative, like to describe its central concept as a “jungle primary.” This makes the prospect sound exotic, and also perilous. The jungle reference found currency in the 1980s, when a lot of states and municipalities were seeking ways to open… Read more »

Closed primaries are state-sponsored voter suppression | Commentary

A closed primary election is the very definition of voter suppression. And it is aided and abetted by the state government of Florida. I fail to see how opening up the electoral process to 3.6 million No Party Affiliated voters, including 1 million minority voters, is suppressing the minority vote; it is the exact opposite…. Read more »

Amendment 3: Every registered voter should be able to vote | Opinion

Allowing qualified voters to vote seems like a simple premise. Unfortunately, that is not how we conduct elections in Florida. For those who wish to vote for their next state House or Senate member or for Governor or Cabinet members, as stunning as it sounds, the truth is that most voters are excluded from voting… Read more »

Florida TaxWatch recommends a “YES” vote on Amendment 3

States with top-two primaries have the advantage of increased voter participation, draw a wider band of voters and are generally more representative of the electorate.  The change does come with potential concerns, though. The possibility that the top-two candidates advancing to the general election could be from the same party has the potential to reduce,… Read more »

Endorsement: Yes on amendment No. 3 for more voter participation, less partisanship

Florida’s political party bosses finally found something to agree on. The bosses want you to vote against constitutional amendment No. 3 this fall. They’re worried it might loosen their stranglehold over who gets past the summer primaries and onto the fall ballot. That’s a pretty strong argument alone for voters to support No. 3, the… Read more »