Vote for Amendment 3, a step toward political innovation | Opinion

With Nov. 3 rapidly approaching, ballots hitting mailboxes and early voting underway, it is important to understand that the decisions we make in this election could, more than ever, have a drastic impact on the future of our country. But while many are focusing on the presidential election, it is just as important to discuss… Read more »

Ignore last-minute theatrics. Amendment 3′s open primaries are just what Florida needs | Editorial

Just three weeks before election day, Florida politicians on both sides of the aisle filed a last-minute lawsuit Tuesday asking the state Supreme Court to strike one of six constitutional amendments from the November ballot. Justices should see this stunt for what it is: an act of desperation by those who thrive under Florida’s closed… Read more »

Let all voters take part in the primaries | Column

Voters in Florida are frustrated by highly gerrymandered districts as well as the outsized influence of money and of the two major political parties. How can Florida’s elected officials truly reflect Florida’s rich diversity — and be held accountable to the greatest number of her citizens — if nearly 30 percent of all voters are… Read more »

OUR VIEW: Amendment 3, by including all voters, could help Florida find political balance

Floridians who question the wisdom of Amendment 3 on our November ballot, dubbed by its backers the “All Voters Vote” initiative, like to describe its central concept as a “jungle primary.” This makes the prospect sound exotic, and also perilous. The jungle reference found currency in the 1980s, when a lot of states and municipalities were seeking ways to open… Read more »

Alternate history article got the result wrong | Opinion

A recent article posited how a handful of previous elections would have turned out differently under a top two blanket primary such as the proposed All Voters Vote (Amendment 3). In such a primary, all candidates for an office appear on the same ballot and all qualified registered votes can vote — regardless of party affiliation — with the top… Read more »