Want to vote in hot race to replace Aramis Ayala? Too bad. Closed primaries mean most of your can’t. | Commentary

State Attorney Aramis Ayala has been one of the most-watched, most criticized and most audacious politicians in Florida. Because of her opposition to the death penalty, she has been both hailed and scorned, and she ultimately decided to leave office after one term. Now, to replace her, we’re about to witness one of the most… Read more »

Florida Supreme Court Clears Open Primary Constitutional Amendment for November Ballot

Florida voters could be asked to open the state’s primaries to everyone, regardless of party affiliation. The Florida Supreme Court has approved the “All Voters Vote” amendment for the November ballot, over the united objection of the Republican and Democratic parties.  Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much these days, but the two state parties are… Read more »

American politics is broken, but here’s why you shouldn’t give up on the system just yet | Opinion

It would be easy to quit. It’s tempting to turn off the news, stop listening to toxic taunts from the high pulpits of politics, stop voting in a political system hijacked by extremists, stop trusting politicians in both parties who refuse to address existential threats such as climate change and unaffordable health care. California is burning. Tensions with Iran are… Read more »

Florida legislature’s failure to keep write-ins from closing primaries backfires | Opinion

In 2016, James Christian Bailey, a student support specialist at St. Petersburg College, didn’t have to pay a filing fee to run as a write-in candidate in Florida House District 54. His name didn’t appear on ballots in Indian River and part of St. Lucie counties. His candidacy, though, turned a primary open to all voters… Read more »

‘All Voters Vote’ Group Backing Amendment that Would Replace State’s Closed Primary with ‘Jungle Primary’

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