Brent Batten: ‘Jungle’ primary ballot amendment nearing signature goal

There’s an inherent conflict with the two-party political system Floridians are accustomed to. On one hand, the parties are private organizations that can form their own platforms and decide which candidates will represent them. On the other hand, those candidates are selected in primary elections that are paid for by taxpayers. Why are taxpayers footing… Read more »

‘I’m very scared about our future’: Florida billionaire pitches jungle primary to fight political extremism

A billionaire who quit the Republican Party out of disdain for President Donald Trump is spending millions of dollars in a bid to establish a “jungle primary“ system in Florida, a move that could upend the state’s political landscape. And as the political battleground preps for the upcoming presidential campaign, party leaders aren’t happy. Mike… Read more »

Top-two primary proposal closes in on 2020 ballot

Barring a reversal in fortunes, a Constitutional amendment that would change Florida primaries will make the 2020 ballot. The All Voters Vote (AVV) committee would open up Florida’s primary elections for state Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet to all voters, including independents, starting in 2024, setting up a “top-two” system. At least in theory, this could enhance partisan… Read more »

Closed primaries disenfranchise 3.7 million Florida voters. Let all voters vote. | Opinion

Nearly 225 years ago, George Washington warned the nation about the evils of political parties and partisanship. He did not know the half of it. All these years later, about half of new voters seem to agree with our first president, choosing to register to vote as “no party affiliation.” While this phenomena is well… Read more »

Ballot measure would temper both parties

As a general rule, when the public likes something and all the political pros in both parties really hate it, it must be pretty good. Unfortunately, that little rubric is not among the criteria the Florida Supreme Court applies when deciding whether a constitutional amendment proposed by a public petition campaign gets on the ballot…. Read more »