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Let all voters take part in the primaries | Column

Voters in Florida are frustrated by highly gerrymandered districts as well as the outsized influence of money and of the two major political parties. How can Florida’s elected officials truly reflect Florida’s rich diversity — and be held accountable to the greatest number of her citizens — if nearly 30 percent of all voters are excluded from the primary process? Florida’s legislative districts are not competitive by design of the major parties; whoever wins the primary wins the seat.

The system is broken and allowing all voters the chance to have a voice is exactly what is needed for the preservation of our republic. That is what Amendment 3 would allow.

Florida is one of only nine states with closed primaries. Florida taxpayers fund these elections and we should not be denied the chance to vote on who will represent us in Tallahassee just because of our party affiliation — even if that affiliation is “no party.”

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