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Vote for Amendment 3, a step toward political innovation | Opinion

With Nov. 3 rapidly approaching, ballots hitting mailboxes and early voting underway, it is important to understand that the decisions we make in this election could, more than ever, have a drastic impact on the future of our country. But while many are focusing on the presidential election, it is just as important to discuss other aspects of the November ballot that will affect our lives for many years to come. And in Florida, that includes Amendment 3.

Proposed Amendment 3 to Article VI, Section 5, of the Florida Constitution aims to replace Florida’s closed primary system with a top-two open primary system for state legislators, the governorship and the Cabinet. This would mean that all registered voters can participate in the primary and all candidates for an office appear on the same ballot, regardless of party affiliations. The two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election. If passed, this new policy would be in effect for 2024.

A “yes” vote for this amendment would be a step toward political innovation — toward becoming a state with fair and unbiased elections, oriented around nominating the best candidate for the position, rather than the party with which candidates happen to be affiliated. Perhaps more importantly, it would allow more voices to be heard in the process of selecting who should govern our state.

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