What is the All Voters Vote initiative?

It is an amendment to the Florida Constitution that would let all voters vote in the primary elections for the Florida Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet, regardless of the political party affiliation of the voter or candidate.  Currently, primaries are closed to all voters except those in a particular party—and those voters can only choose between candidates from their own party.  With All Voters Vote, no voters are excluded based on party registration.  This means that you can vote for the candidates of your choice—regardless of partisanship.  It also means you cannot be forced to join a political party just to cast a meaningful ballot and have  your voice heard.

Why is this needed?

The vast majority of races in Florida are decided in the closed party primaries—which excludes most voters.  Those closed primaries are decided by the small, extreme wings of each party.  Because of this, our elected leaders no longer have to answer to the majority of people, but only to a very small group of hyper-partisan voters.  By giving all voters a chance to vote, politicians will become answerable to the majority of voters, not just a select few.

What will it take to achieve this?

We need to amend Florida’s Constitution to replace the current closed party primary system with the All Voters Vote system.  There is a lot to do to make that happen, but most importantly, we must communicate to voters across the state about this important issue.

On Election Day 2020, we must earn at least 60% of the vote.

What can I do to help?

Make a donation. Your financial support will help us reach more voters and achieve the goal of giving every registered Florida voter the right to vote in a primary election.

Talk to your friends and families about the importance of creating top-two open primaries in Florida.  Share our myths & facts on social media and encourage them to vote YES on Amendment #3!

VOTE!  It goes without saying, but don’t forget to vote by mail, early, or on November 3.

If this initiative passes, will I be able to vote for candidates from different parties in different races?

Yes.  For example, if you want to vote for a Democratic candidate running in your State House district but a Republican candidate running in your State Senate district, you could.  You could select whichever candidate you want, regardless of their party affiliation.

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