What is the top-two vote getter primary?

It is a voting system that lets all voters vote in primary elections, regardless of the political party affiliation of the voter or candidate. Currently, primaries are closed to all voters except those registered in a particular party — and those voters can only choose between candidates from their own party. Under the top-two vote getter system, no voters are excluded based on party registration or affiliation. This means you can vote for the candidates of your choice — regardless of partisanship. It also means that you cannot be forced to join a political party just to cast a meaningful ballot.

Why is this needed?

The vast majority of races in Florida are decided in the closed party primaries — which excludes the majority of voters. When only a tiny minority of voters get to cast ballots in elections that matter, our elected leaders no longer have to answer to the people, but only a very small group of partisan voters. By opening up primaries and giving all voters a chance to vote, politicians will be forced to listen to all voters, not just a select few.

Many people believe our state is stagnating due to partisan polarization. Because political extremists control the debate
— and the primary elections — politicians no longer hear the concerns of average citizens. By allowing all voters the chance to vote in elections that matter, the voices of the majority will grow in strength.

Is it true that most voters are legally prohibited from voting in a meaningful election?

YES! Legislative seats are gerrymandered and elections are held in closed primaries, where only voters who belong to a specific party can vote. Almost all legislative elections are functionally decided in these closed primaries.

As a result, the vast majority of voters are excluded from casting a meaningful ballot. To make matters worse, your tax dollars pay for closed party primaries that exclude voters.

What can I do to help?

1. Sign up for emails and stay informed about our efforts.

2. Make a donation. Your financial support will help us reach more voters, gather more petitions and achieve the goal of giving every Florida voter the right to vote in a top-two vote getter primary system.

3. Sign a petition when the time comes.

What will it take to achieve?

We need to amend Florida’s Constitution to replace the current closed party primary system with the top-two vote getter system. There is a lot to do, but most importantly, we must gather enough petitions to put this measure before Florida voters. That requires gathering nearly 700,000 petitions throughout our state. After that, we must earn 60% of the vote.

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