After several months of cooking, a new proposed amendment to Florida’s constitution popped up this week. What is it? It’s a mouthful and is called, “All Voters Vote in Top Two Primary Elections for Congress, State Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet” and it basically changes the rules for how elections are conducted in Florida. It does… Read more »

Push on for bipartisan primary voting in Fla.

LEE COUNTY, FL – A bipartisan group of activists is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to vote for Republicans or Democrats no matter how you’re registered to vote in Florida. – WATCH THIS STORY Right now, more people are registering as “no party affiliates” than Republicans and Democrats combined. Those voters aren’t getting… Read more »

Group Pushes For All Voters To Vote In Florida Primaries

The fastest growing segment of voters in Florida are increasingly choosing no party affiliation. These independent voters might soon have the opportunity to vote for a nonpartisan, open primary system in the 2016 election. A bipartisan group filed the All Voters Vote amendment with the Florida Division of Elections on Wednesday in the hope of garnering… Read more »

Group Pushes For All Voters To Vote In Florida Primaries

A bipartisan group is pushing for all registered voters to be allowed to vote in Florida’s primaries. In Florida, when a candidate has opposition outside of their party, which is often the case, nonpartisan voters cannot cast a vote. A proposed amendment called “All Voters Vote” could change that. John Opdycke, president of Open Primaries, the… Read more »

Push For Open Primary Begins In Florida As NPA & Independent Voters Gain More Clout

A non-partisan organization wants to change the way Florida’s elected officials are chosen. They’re tired of partisanship and say the best way to address it is to make candidates appeal to a broader electorate. That means tapping in to the state’s nearly 2.9 million No Party Affiliated voters, who are largely locked out of state… Read more »