Proposal would allow Florida voters to cast primary ballots without party affiliation

A proposal to change Florida’s primary voting regulations could offer voters more freedom, but would also turn the process on its head. A proposed constitutional amendment that would revamp Florida’s primary-elections process has been formally sent to the state Supreme Court for review of the ballot wording. Attorney General Ashley Moody says she looked at the… Read more »

Should you be allowed to vote for any candidate you want in the primary election?

Right now in Florida, registered voters can only vote for the candidate running in the party they’re registered with. But that could change if one group gets its way. If voters agree to an “open primary,” it would give thousands of no-party affiliation voters, often referred to as independents, a chance to vote. No party… Read more »

2020 Ballot Proposals Gaining Steam

Four proposed constitutional amendments have cracked 300,000 petition signatures, inching closer to making the 2020 ballot. An amendment that would change primary elections for state offices has notched 363,411 signatures as of Wednesday. The proposal — backed by political committee All Voters Vote and heavily financed by billionaire GOP donor Mike Fernandez — would allow  “all registered voters to vote… Read more »

Proposed Florida amendments may bring big changes

Already pivotal in the race for the White House, voters in Florida may also face ballot choices next year that could dramatically change the shape of future elections, the economy and even how Floridians turn on their lights at home. Ballot campaigns underway could increase the state’s minimum wage, ban assault weapons, add more Floridians… Read more »

Economists to Analyze Ballot Proposals

State economists are preparing to analyze three more proposed constitutional amendments that could appear before voters in November 2020, including proposals to change the primary-election system and to ban assault weapons. The economists, meeting as the Financial Impact Estimating Conference, will hold workshops July 30 and Aug. 1 as part of a process of estimating… Read more »