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Closed primaries are state-sponsored voter suppression | Commentary

A closed primary election is the very definition of voter suppression. And it is aided and abetted by the state government of Florida.

I fail to see how opening up the electoral process to 3.6 million No Party Affiliated voters, including 1 million minority voters, is suppressing the minority vote; it is the exact opposite.

The election of minority candidates is curtailed not by more voters but by fewer voters. Minority candidates are not elected on just minority votes, it takes a significant number of majority votes to win. Recently, minority candidates with a wide appeal have fared well.

The issue of electing a fair number of minority candidates is about unfairly drawn legislative and congressional districts. There have been attacks on the Voting Rights Act by the court saying the racists have repented and all is well now. I say voter suppression and discrimination continues. A closed primary is one example.

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