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Endorsement: Yes on amendment No. 3 for more voter participation, less partisanship

Florida’s political party bosses finally found something to agree on.

The bosses want you to vote against constitutional amendment No. 3 this fall. They’re worried it might loosen their stranglehold over who gets past the summer primaries and onto the fall ballot.

That’s a pretty strong argument alone for voters to support No. 3, the amendment to open up Florida’s closed primaries.

Closed primaries mean that millions of Floridians who choose not to register as Republicans or Democrats are disenfranchised.

They can’t take part in selecting candidates because they wear a different party label or, increasingly, don’t want to wear one at all.

We shouldn’t accept voter disenfranchisement in any form, so why is this one allowed to exist? Because it makes the two major parties more powerful and in control, and they want to keep it that way.

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