Off to court: Open primaries amendment reaches judicial review threshold

On Wednesday, All Voters Vote announced that its petition drive for the 2020 statewide ballot got enough petitions to warrant judicial review. With 132,604 petitions, the proposed Constitutional amendment already has nearly a fifth of what it will need to get on the ballot, but is surging quickly in that direction. “The All Voters Vote Amendment replaces taxpayer-funded… Read more »

Push to open Florida primaries clears first hurdle

Organizers behind two ballot initiatives that could shake up Florida’s elections announced today they have gathered enough signatures to trigger review by the state Supreme Court. All Voters Vote Chairman Glenn Burhans said his group has collected nearly 77,000 signatures in its quest to make the 2020 ballot. All Voters Vote is trying to get… Read more »

Florida lawmakers to voters: Sit down and shut up. | Paula Dockery

It comes as no surprise that the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature has a history of opposing citizen initiatives amending the state Constitution. A few examples: High-speed rail, fair districts, medical marijuana, land and water conservation and restoration of rights for felons. Voters approved them all, yet the Legislature ignored them, delayed them or implemented them in… Read more »

With most states under one party’s control, America grows more divided

When J.B. Pritzker took over as the governor of Illinois this year, Democratic lawmakers, who had spent four years at an impasse with his Republican predecessor, vowed that their party’s new grip on the State Capitol would bring immediate change. The pace has been startling. In recent months, Illinois legislators have moved sharply to the… Read more »

Joe Henderson: Good luck getting Florida amendments on ballot now

Oh, those pesky citizen petition drives to get Florida amendments on the ballot. Imagine the nerve of those people actually wanting a voice in making the laws of this state. Just who do they think they are? I guess they don’t understand how it works. Although the last several gubernatorial elections showed our state is… Read more »