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Want to vote in hot race to replace Aramis Ayala? Too bad. Closed primaries mean most of your can’t. | Commentary

State Attorney Aramis Ayala has been one of the most-watched, most criticized and most audacious politicians in Florida. Because of her opposition to the death penalty, she has been both hailed and scorned, and she ultimately decided to leave office after one term.

Now, to replace her, we’re about to witness one of the most hotly contested campaigns for prosecutor Central Florida has ever seen.

The candidates include a well-known former judge and three prosecutors, all of whom have made names for themselves

Exciting, right? Ready to vote? Well, too bad. Because most of you won’t get a chance.

About 60% of voters — Republicans, independents and every other non-Democrat in Orange and Osceola counties — won’t be allowed to vote in August. Their ballots won’t even show this important race is taking place.

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