Economists to Analyze Ballot Proposals

State economists are preparing to analyze three more proposed constitutional amendments that could appear before voters in November 2020, including proposals to change the primary-election system and to ban assault weapons. The economists, meeting as the Financial Impact Estimating Conference, will hold workshops July 30 and Aug. 1 as part of a process of estimating… Read more »

Why should NPP voters pay for partisan primaries?

With California’s March presidential primary less than eight months off, herds of candidates arrive in the state regularly, seeking both votes and campaign cash. But one often unspoken question remains about that vote, which will look very different from most other primaries in this state: Why should people who declare themselves independent, no party preference… Read more »

Here are the Florida citizen ballot measures you just might get to vote on in 2020

Despite moves by state Republican leaders to limit citizen-led ballot measures, more than a half-dozen proposals remain in play with a Feb. 1 deadline approaching. They include efforts to raise the minimum wage, ban assault weapons, expand Medicaid, legalize recreational marijuana, overhaul the primary-election process and increase competition among electric utilities. Two key indicators can… Read more »

‘Open primaries’ effort has now raised more than $6 million for initiative campaign

With June finance reports filed, a political committee behind an amendment to open primaries crossed a fundraising threshold. The All Voters Vote (AVV) committee would open up Florida’s primary elections for House and Senate to all voters, including independents, starting in 2024, setting up a “top-two” system. The citizen initiative proposes that “all registered voters (may) vote in primaries… Read more »

3 Florida Ballot Proposals Dominate Signature Gathering

With backers trying to get a series of high-profile constitutional amendments on the 2020 ballot, three proposals are dominating the critical process of collecting petition signatures. As of Wednesday morning, the political committee Citizens for Energy Choices had submitted 339,553 signatures for a ballot proposal that would require major changes and deregulation in Florida’s electric… Read more »