With most states under one party’s control, America grows more divided

When J.B. Pritzker took over as the governor of Illinois this year, Democratic lawmakers, who had spent four years at an impasse with his Republican predecessor, vowed that their party’s new grip on the State Capitol would bring immediate change. The pace has been startling. In recent months, Illinois legislators have moved sharply to the… Read more »

Joe Henderson: Good luck getting Florida amendments on ballot now

Oh, those pesky citizen petition drives to get Florida amendments on the ballot. Imagine the nerve of those people actually wanting a voice in making the laws of this state. Just who do they think they are? I guess they don’t understand how it works. Although the last several gubernatorial elections showed our state is… Read more »

6 Legislative Efforts to Protect YOUR Right to Vote

The biggest story happening right now nationwide that is not getting any attention from the mainstream media are the campaigns, ballot proposals, signature drives, and legislative efforts going on RIGHT NOW to give voters an election system that protects their right to a meaningful and equal vote in the taxpayer-funded election process — from the primary… Read more »

Election Supervisors, Petition Sponsors Brace for Major Changes to Ballot Initiative Law

While state and federal officials discuss the looming threat of election interference by foreign governments, county supervisors of elections and the sponsors of statewide ballot initiatives are focused on a threat closer to home. They’re worried about a proposed overhaul of the state’s petition-gathering system for ballot initiatives that would take effect during efforts already under way… Read more »

Seven Ballot Initiatives to Watch

Florida lawmakers this month approved a controversial bill that is expected to make it harder to put citizens’ initiatives on the ballot. The bill (HB 5) would place additional restrictions on gathering the hundreds of thousands of petition signatures needed to reach the ballot. For 2020 ballot proposals, supporters need to submit 76,632 valid signatures… Read more »