Most independents are just moderate partisans

To hear potential 2020 candidate Howard Schultz tell it, he’s embracing the political will of the majority of Americans. Most Americans are in the center, he said in a speech Wednesday, right where he claims to be. That’s not really true, at least in the sense of partisan identity. While the largest political group in the… Read more »

Will Florida vote against partisan primaries in 2020?

Some of Miami’s biggest political boosters are resurrecting a failed ballot initiative to completely overhaul Florida’s primary elections, saying the financial support that eluded them four years ago has come around. Just as they did in 2015, the non-profit All Voters Vote on Tuesday submitted petition forms to the Florida Secretary of State for review,… Read more »

Open primaries: An idea whose time is long overdue

You, the people of Florida, spoke loudly and clearly. You said you wanted more of a say in choosing your elected leaders in open primaries, where a lot more voters could influence state elections. That was 21 years ago. It was 1998 when nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) passed Amendment 11, which unlocked the… Read more »

Proposed constitutional amendment would set up jungle primaries in Florida

A pair of proposals from the All Voters Vote (AVV) committee would open up Florida’s primary elections to all voters, even those not affiliated with a political party, by setting up a jungle primary system starting in 2024. The campaign was first reported in Wednesday’s edition of Sunburn. “Florida’s current system of excluding the vast… Read more »

Where does American find such sad excuses for elected leaders?

Like so many figures from the world of President Trump, his former lawyer Michael Cohen appears to have been recruited from a dinner theater production of “ Guys and Dolls .” He looks like maybe his nose stood a little too close to the wrong person’s fist. Like the kind of fella who thinks Paul “Paulie Suits”… Read more »