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Off to court: Open primaries amendment reaches judicial review threshold

On Wednesday, All Voters Vote announced that its petition drive for the 2020 statewide ballot got enough petitions to warrant judicial review.

With 132,604 petitions, the proposed Constitutional amendment already has nearly a fifth of what it will need to get on the ballot, but is surging quickly in that direction.

“The All Voters Vote Amendment replaces taxpayer-funded closed party primaries with primary elections in which all qualified candidates for a particular office appear on the same ballot and all qualified registered voters can vote that ballot — regardless of party affiliation,” said All Voters Vote Chair Glenn Burhans in a media release.

“No voter will be excluded from voting based on their party affiliation or lack of affiliation.”

“More than 3.7 million registered Florida voters are currently blocked from participating in primary elections. Adding insult to injury, those disenfranchised voters pay taxes to fund the elections that they are blocked from voting in. The All Voters Vote Amendment will ensure that the voice of every voter is heard in every election,” Burhans added.

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