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Push to open Florida primaries clears first hurdle

Organizers behind two ballot initiatives that could shake up Florida’s elections announced today they have gathered enough signatures to trigger review by the state Supreme Court.

All Voters Vote Chairman Glenn Burhans said his group has collected nearly 77,000 signatures in its quest to make the 2020 ballot.

All Voters Vote is trying to get two amendments on the ballot that, if approved, would move Florida to a “jungle primary” system, which allows voters of any party registration to cast ballots in the August primary. If adopted, it would end Florida’s closed primary system, in which only voters registered with a party can cast a ballot in that party’s primary.

Under the twin proposals — one for state elections and the other for federal elections — the two top vote-getters would advance to the general election. If only two candidates are running, the race would be decided in the general election.

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