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Joe Henderson: Good luck getting Florida amendments on ballot now

Oh, those pesky citizen petition drives to get Florida amendments on the ballot. Imagine the nerve of those people actually wanting a voice in making the laws of this state. Just who do they think they are?

I guess they don’t understand how it works. Although the last several gubernatorial elections showed our state is nearly a 50-50 divide, everyone knows that the Legislature only carries out the Republican agenda.

Hence, the action by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign a bill that will make amendments harder and more expensive to get on the ballot.

His official reason is that voters had too many amendments to consider last November. There were 13 such measures, and 12 of them passed. Not that it mattered in every case. When voters approved the restoration of voting rights for felons who had served their sentences, GOP lawmakers figured a way around that.

That’s one of their skills.

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