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Jeffrey Solomon: Why I’ve left the Florida Democratic Party

When I turned 18, I joined the Florida Democratic Party. Like so many of my contemporaries, it was custom to join your parents’ party.

My father was a career union member — that was our team.

I embraced a platform of equality, inclusiveness, and fair and level playing fields where everyone deserved a shot at their American dream. On my first day of grad school in 1980, I wrote a personal mission statement that with success in life and a few years of wisdom I would give back my time in public service as a Democrat.

In 2008, I officially entered the political arena as a candidate for the Florida House District 115. My first meeting of local party leaders was eye-opening.

Observing a crowd of a hundred people, I vividly imagined that I had entered the famous Star Wars barroom scene. These were the insiders, each with their own priorities, far removed from the eyes and interests of rank-and-file members.

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