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Ignore last-minute theatrics. Amendment 3′s open primaries are just what Florida needs | Editorial

Just three weeks before election day, Florida politicians on both sides of the aisle filed a last-minute lawsuit Tuesday asking the state Supreme Court to strike one of six constitutional amendments from the November ballot. Justices should see this stunt for what it is: an act of desperation by those who thrive under Florida’s closed primary election system.

Both Republican and Democratic politicians hate Amendment 3. That should say something to those in the middle, especially the nearly one-third of Florida voters registered as NPA, with no party affiliation. The two parties don’t want you deciding November’s two main nominees.

Amendment 3 would eliminate closed party primaries, which limit Republicans to voting only for Republican nominees and Democrats only for Democrats. Instead, Florida would adopt an open primary in which all registered voters can vote, and the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, would advance to the general election.

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