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FL independent voters on the rise, pushing to overhaul a century-old primary election system. But what will the FL Supreme Court say?

In a rare display of unity, Republicans and Democrats will be in a courtroom today arguing against a proposed state constitutional amendment that would change the way Florida elects governors, state Cabinet members and state lawmakers.

Lawyers for the two parties will appear before the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday in joint opposition to an amendment that would eliminate the state’s “closed” primary election system, which restricts the voting to members of each major party.

In its place, a group called “All Voters Vote” wants to have an “open” primary — or “jungle primary” — where all voters could participate, with the top two vote-getters in each primary advancing to the general election.

The All Voters group is led by Mike Fernandez, a wealthy health-care executive from Miami-Dade County. Fernandez is a former Republican who became an independent because of his opposition to President Donald Trump.

Today’s arguments before the state Supreme Court have taken on even greater importance for the All Voters Vote campaign.

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