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Brent Batten: ‘Jungle’ primary ballot amendment nearing signature goal

There’s an inherent conflict with the two-party political system Floridians are accustomed to.

On one hand, the parties are private organizations that can form their own platforms and decide which candidates will represent them.

On the other hand, those candidates are selected in primary elections that are paid for by taxpayers.

Why are taxpayers footing the bill for a private organization to select its candidate?

On the other hand, why should anyone other than Democrats have a say in who represents the Democrats in an election, and why should anyone other than a Republican have a say in who represents the Republicans?

Wading into this conundrum is the group, All Voters Vote.

It is gathering signatures to place a state constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot that would dramatically change Florida’s system of elections.

When more than two people, regardless of political party affiliation, are running for a seat in the state Legislature or for statewide office, such as governor, they would all face off in one universal primary open to all voters.

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