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Proposal Could Allow Unaffiliated Voters To Participate In Florida Primaries

The Florida Supreme Court is reviewing a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow all registered voters in Florida—including the 3.2 million who are unaffiliated—to cast ballots in a primary election.

Attorney General Ashley Moody sent the measure to the Supreme Court last week without raising any objections. The proposal would give Florida blanket primaries, commonly known as ‘jungle’ or ‘top-two’ primaries. Under such a system, all candidates would run against each other regardless of political affiliation and the top two would advance. 

Supporters hope to get the proposal on the November 2020 ballot, but Florida Democrats have mixed feelings. Historically, fewer Democrats vote in primary elections than Republicans in the state. That’s why Steve Simeonidis, the Chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, objects to the proposal.

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