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Measure to Establish Nonpartisan Elections in South Dakota Qualifies for 2016 Ballot

Sioux Falls, SD…South Dakotans for a Nonpartisan Democracy committee chair, Rick Knobe, a registered Independent and regional radio talk show host, said that he was elated that the proposed constitutional amendment to establish a nonpartisan primary was given a ‘green light’ by the South Dakota Secretary of States Office.

“I think most people are fed up with partisan politics, the bickering, and the lackluster results.” Knobe stated after the Secretary of State’s Office validated 29,924 number of signatures,  2183 over the 27,741 signature requirement. “For too long, both political parties have been shouting over each other at the expense of the voters, and now have an opportunity to do something about it. Just look at the growing number of registered Independents, which now numbers over 100,000 in South Dakota. That number is growing here and across the country. When this measure passes, those 100,000 South Dakotans will have the opportunity to fully participate in the election process.”

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