POINT OF VIEW: ‘Top two’ primary system more inclusive

I am writing in response to the Aug. 2 editorial, “Wanted: Primary system that pulls pols to the middle.” I fully endorse the “top two” primary initiative and intend to add my voice to the campaign — both to get this initiative on the ballot and to have Florida voters pass it as a constitutional… Read more »

‘All Voters Vote’ should be primary goal of Florida primaries

Too many Florida voters are being shut out of important elections. The new “All Voters Vote” initiative offers a thoughtful, practical solution. Disenfranchisement of independent voters is a growing problem. Except in rare cases, voters who choose to not align themselves with a major political party cannot vote in primaries. In the general election, they… Read more »

Editorial: Wanted: A primary system that pulls pols toward the middle

Who hates America’s political parties? More and more Americans, it seems. Allegiance to Democrats or Republicans is shrinking fast. The number of no-party-affiliated voters in Florida has increased nearly five-fold since 1990. They’re now 27 percent of the electorate. That share is expected rise to 29 percent by the 2016 election and to 33 percent… Read more »

‘Top two’ primaries in Florida: The way to go

On Election Day, have you ever looked at a ballot and thought a list of hemorrhoid-removal techniques had more-appealing options? If so, you’re probably a Floridian. Perhaps you’ve tried to vote in a primary only to find you can’t — because you’ve been shut out of your own democracy. That’s common for Floridians as well…. Read more »

If parties don’t like ‘All Voters Vote,’ it must be OK

The Florida Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Florida don’t agree on much, but they will be united on a new ballot proposal that aims to increase voter turnout, pull candidates away from the political fringes and keep pace with registration trends. They’re going to hate it. The Democrats and GOP don’t have a… Read more »