Opening primaries to more voters would be a win for democracy

There is something anti-democratic about the way Florida shuts voters out of primaries. That’s democratic, small “D,” because both parties tend to play favorites. While an increasing number of Floridians are declaring themselves independents, they often are shut out of deciding who will represent them. Here’s the deal: When every candidate comes from one party, the primary… Read more »

No-party voters make campaigns more complex, partisan

Voters across Florida are increasingly snubbing the Democratic and Republican parties, and the trend has made earning support for candidates more complex and the races often more partisan, consultants say. As more voters opt for something other than the major parties, campaigns can become more divisive, especially during primaries when mainstream candidates have a narrower… Read more »

Neither red nor blue: Most new Florida voters reject both parties

The state of Florida is seeing an explosion in unaffiliated voters, many of them young and Hispanic, who are deserting the two major parties in droves and altering the composition of the electorate in the third-largest state. Within a decade, some experts predict, Florida will be a “triple-parity” state, with equal numbers of Republicans, Democrats… Read more »

How many votes does it take to elect a Florida legislator?

More than two-thirds of Florida’s legislators were elected without a competitive race One in three legislators came into office without a single vote cast in their favor Low voter turnout, uncompetitive districts and term limits are factors  TALLAHASSEE – When Florida lawmakers return to Tallahassee for another redistricting special session on Oct. 19, they will… Read more »

How Party Insiders Have Thwarted the Will of Nearly Half of America’s Voters

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) recently found that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) had not violated current rules on access to debates. That was no surprise – when you consider that the FEC, like the CPD, is divided between Democrats and Republicans. It’s a bipartisan, not non-partisan agency. What was surprising, however, was a joint statement that was just… Read more »